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Background of Developments

Nursing room during the coronavirus pandemic



The trigger was COVID-19

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, when a state of emergency was declared, the patient was forced to stay at home and was closed for about three months for day care services. Spending long periods in closed spaces reduced spatial awareness, raising concerns about the progression of cognitive impairment and frailty.


Going outside stimulates the five senses...

In particular Elderly people who require nursing care have difficulty moving around by themselves. Going outdoor stimulates five senses and feels seasons changing, which effects to prevent dementia and frailty.

Go outside and  smile
Stimulate the senses
Pushing a wheelchair up a slope is hard!


It's hard to push wheelchairs outdoors


Patent pending

When pushing a wheelchair on a flat indoor floor, you don't feel much strain. But when pushing outdoor on sidewalks or side-roads that is not barrier-free, strain is felt even on flat ground, and even more so when there are slopes or steps.


There are so many dangers...

The areas around train stations in urban are already barrier-free, but there are still many uneven surfaces and steps on sidewalks and side streets in suburban. Wheelchairs pass on such conditions. There is also the risks for wheelchairs at railroad crossing. The front small wheel of wheelchair sometimes gets caught in the gaps between the rails and sitting person might be thrown out.

Railroad crossing
Falling out from wheelchair!
Unevenness of the side road
Display location on smartphone
Unevenness information


Mapping bumps on sidewalks

Sensors in smartphone can measure unevenness on the sidewalk, collects and stores information on dangerous areas such as steps. This information notice by sounding an alarm when approaching in a wheelchair to prevent users from running into uneven surfaces.

Patent pending

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